torsdag 10 november 2016

Bringing in the light

Såhär års, när mörkret regerar, är det viktigt att man har bra ljuskällor inomhus. Både sådana som skapar myskänsla men såklart även sådana som verkligen ger vad namnet antyder - just ljus. 
För någon dryg vecka sedan skrev jag i ett inlägg att jag och Pontus varit på stan och inhandlat två nya lampor och lovade er att visa bilder på dessa när dom kommit hem och blivit uppmonterade. Well, igår fick vi upp den sista lampan, en taklampa, så här kommer ett smärre bildregn! 

//This time of the year, when darkness rules in our Scandinavian countries, it's of utter importance to have good lighting at home. Smaller lamps placed in corners of the apartment and in Windows for example, to create that soft, cozy glowing feeling during the dark winter nights. Equaly important it is of course to have sources of lights that does just about what they are supposed to: lit up the apartment in bright light. 
About a week or so I wrote in a blogpost that me and Pontus bought new lamps for our apartment and promised to show you guys pictures here on the blog as soon as the lamps had been rigged. Well, last evening we put the last one up! So, as promised, here are some pics for you to enjoy! 

I completely fell in love with this spotlight lamp the first time I saw it! The brass and the design is flawless - and together with the light bulbs I found it is just pure magic! 

And the light it gives is super aswell: 

We also bought this classic reading lamp, now placed in a corner behind the sofa, next to our wine stand: 

I installed a light dimmer to it, so that it would be possible to adjust the light after mood and daylight. It's really nice to be able to lay on the sofa reading a book in the light of this lamp during dark winternights! 

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