onsdag 22 mars 2017

Get to know Roffe 🐾🐾

Nu tyckte jag det var på tiden att Roffe får ett eget litet inlägg tillägnat sig här på bloggen. Den här underbara lilla krabaten har blivit en så stor del av mitt liv och hjälpt mig så bra i min rehabilitering. Han får mig mer aktiv och skänker så mycket glädje och ger så mycket kärlek tillbaka. Även om han egentligen är mammas hund har hon sedan första början kallat honom för familjehund och Roffe bor ett par dagar hos mig och Pontus i stort sett varje vecka. Sedan ca en månad tillbaka har han även sin alldeles egna Instagram-sida! Där kan ni följa med i Roffes liv och på hans äventyr på en daglig basis, @rolfthedachshund. Vet ärligt talat inte hur mitt liv skulle sett ut idag utan Roffe. 

// I think it's about time Roffe gets a blogpost dedicated to himself here on my blog. He is such a huge part of my life and contribute with so much! He is a big part of my rehabilitation, since he activate me a lot and give me so many laughs and good moments. Although he is my mothers dog, mom has from the start insisted he'd be a family dog and Roffe stays with me and Pontus at our place a couple of days almost every week. Roffe has his own Instagram page since about a month ago! @rolfthedachshund you may follow Roffe through his everyday life and through his adventures.  I honestly don't know what my life would be like today without Roffe. 

Name: Rolf
Nicknames: Roffe, Poffe, Rolf Royce, Rawffles, Snuttis
Breed: crossbreed between miniature dachshund (50%), miniature pinscher, chihuahua, malteser, yorkshire terrier and dwarf schnauzer
Date of birth: 06-07-2016

Dobby the elf look-a-like

Sleeps on your clothes while you're away, taking a shower or when he can't sleep on you

Vampire dog

"So close... yet so far away"

"Can I eat it yet?"

Look fab in pink! 

Outfit try-outs. Gotta keep warm yet look stylish  (every now and then)

Flying fox 

Likes to pose for the camera (he's a natural...)

Likes to sleep in awkward positions...

Is a good dog - just like his tank top says!


Is extremely cautious with his paws and don't like when you handle them

Likes to be close to you - even if it mean sleeping on your face...

... or birdwatching sitting on your chest

More awkward sleeping styles

Love to sleep bundled up entirely under blankets and covers

Is extremely intelligent - likes to learn new tricks and learn them fast. Then using them for whenever he wants anything! This is his favourite: sit polite, or "meercat dachshund" 

Always posing for the camera!

Knows exactly when he's the center of attention - and love it!

Love to go to cafés...

...and behave really well if he is allowed to sit next to you up by the table

... but can't behave well if he has to sit on the floor - he hates that!

He steal things that's not his when you aren't looking

Doxie in a boxie

Know exactly how to melt hearts! ♡

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